I'm a product designer who believes in good products that bring good to this world. I strive to build them with quality, intentionality, and simplicity.

Currently Design Lead at ASAPP. At ASAPP, we augment contact center agents to perform at their best ability with Artificial Intelligence like Natural Language Processing and Speech Technologies. Prior to ASAPP, I was at Verily (Google X Life Sciences) and LinkedIn.

This era has produced a plethora of products that influence people's behaviors beyond their functional needs. So far, my biggest joy as a designer has been helping people through design.  I find my soul in Seoul as Korean, Pennsylvania for a decade, and now California.

Hi there -

I am an "aspiring" potter when I'm not designing. I have also been baking a lot and attempting to lose fat from it through workouts. Lately, I've been enjoying the outdoors with my precious Bagel (not edible - she's my dog).

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